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Posted on augustus 2nd, 2008 in found by Meike

It’s just not funny. I was sitting here, listening to The Wailin’ Jennys (I LOVE the Wailin’ Jennys), and all of a sudden I’m obsessed. With buttons and pincushions. I do so not need another hobby! I’ll start wailin’ myself any second now! Not as beautifully as any of the Jennys, but still. You get the idea.

It all started with this beautiful, gorgeous, out of this world stunning pincushion I saw over at Ella‘s:

I mean… those colours! The little birdie in the middle!

So I started clicking away. And before you know it, I’m here:

Toby’s Mom’s Etsy Button Store

And here:

Starlit Nest’s Etsy Fabric Store

And I even found some tutorials. (covered buttons. pincushion.)

It is just not fair! As if I haven’t got enough crafty stuff here in my living room… It’s like a weed! It just takes over. I’ll disappear in a day or two. Overwhelmed by wool roving and embroidery floss. What a tragic way to perish!

But – I have needed a proper pincushion for the longest time. (The one I’m using now is awfully romantic – it was previously used as a ring cushion at my wedding – but the pins stick right through at the bottom, so it’s less than practical, not to mention painful.) And who doesn’t need buttons? Right. That settles it. Just… Please. Do not tell my husband.

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