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bunnies: done! The buns are on their way! I just hope they’ll get to their destination in time for Easter… I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with packages lately, both to and from  me. I hate not being able to rely on postal services! One would think these processes have long been standardised and professionalised, but the opposite seems to be true. Hate it – and there’s not much I can do about it, which I hate even more!

Anyhow. Spring seems to have uncoiled a burst of energy inside me that I didn’t even know I had. 🙂 There’s lots of dollmaking and bunnymaking going on here! I’ve got no less than three dolls on my table – a gnome girl with wildly coloured hair, a new type of Waldorf baby doll that I’m making from my own pattern, plus a Waldorf doll with a knitted body that still needs to be finished ( I actually made the body some time ago.).  Been making inner heads like crazy! One turned out too big even for my baby doll, so I’ve now got one extra for yet another doll. 🙂 The only thing that is worrying me is that I’ll have to knit all these dolls clothing as well… Oops.

sleeping bunAnd I found some new bunny patterns! Both patterns are designed by Debi Birkin. I first saw these over at Woolies and Periwinklepark, and they are so adorable, I just have to try them for myself. bunty-bunny

I’ve also received my yarn from Texere Yarns, and while unfortunately it’s much too thin to be a replacement for my white bunny yarn, it’s lovely enough to knit some really tiny bunnies from.

Suffice it to say, I probably won’t be taking custom orders for a while…


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I’ve got a new obsession. It all started in my favourite toy store – the one where they sell the quality toys, not the cheap plastic junk. Nynke got some money for her second birthday, and I thought: why not buy her a small cloth baby doll in a basket. Nynke’s a reall doll person, she’s always talking to them, making them comfy in her doll cradle. Unfortunately, my store didn’t have what I was looking for, so I went home sans doll and started a search with my fave online stores. Nothing came up. I had this vague idea in my mind of what her doll should look like – not the standard Waldorf baby doll.

And then suddenly, I found this:

dinky baby

A pattern for a  Dinky baby. And it is just exactly what I was looking for! Plus I’ll hopefully learn some new techniques – always on the lookout for new things to learn! Needless to say, my order’s been placed. All I need now is a pattern for a carrying basket, suitable for an 8 inch doll. Anyone?


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hugo1I move between two addictions (and no, we’re not getting into my Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice addiction here! 😉 ). On one side, there’s my dollmaking, on the other, my bunnies. They’re forever battling it out. Currently, the bunnies are on the winning hand. I’ve got a custom order for two small bunnies, one of them similar to Hugo here, but with embroidered eyes and dark ears, and needles are sticking every which way! I have recently started making the bunnies on double pointed needles, so I won’t have as much finishing to do in the end. Better, much better!

I’m also looking into new yarn for my white bunnies, as those seem to be the most popular, and I ran out of the yarn I used to knit them from. What do you know, of course it’s a discontinued yarn! I have high hopes though I’ll be able to find a replacement from Textere Yarns, a UK company. They’ve got the best collection of pure dyeable yarn I have ever seen! So many different textures… quite unbelievable. I’m quite into UK yarns anyhow – the yarn for my smaller bunnies comes from New Lanark, an historic yarn mill based in Scotland.

I know it’s not very practical, ordering more yarn a few months before moving into our new house, but I just couldn’t stop myself. 🙂


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Look! Look! I’ve been featured in a Treasury on Etsy!

jurga's treasury on etsy

Thank you, Jurga – aka Tangled Things on Etsy. 🙂

spring sprites & sheep!

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Spring is just around the corner! And to celebrate, I’ve finally set up my Spring nature table.

Early Spring Nature Table

On it, you’ll find some sheep, made by my friend Liesan’s grandmother, and also some sprites, made by the Tan family over at Syrendell‘s. Aren’t they lovely? Jennifer even kindly supplied me with an extra sprite, since she accidentally sent me the wrong colour. Free of charge, and I could keep the “wrong” one! Very, very sweet!! So now, I’ve got three sprites, and they look just right, the three of them together! As if it was meant to be, is what Jennifer said, and I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

O, and if all goes well, there’ll be some little lambs later this week. It’s almost Spring, after all! 😉

custom: finished!

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Yeah! I finished my custom order! Lovely silk doll underwear sets for Shelley, aka Waldorf Mama. 🙂

handknitted doll underwear

I’m thinking of adding a few of these to my Etsy shop, as well. I’d have to knit them first, of course. Hm. Right now, I think I’ll work on a bunny for a while – something, anything that is *not* underwear! 😉 Although I must say that I really did enjoy myself, making these little sets!

P.S. Guess what: we sold our house!!! There are still some conditions and some things that need to be cleared, but… almost there!