two :)

Posted on februari 27th, 2009 @ 9:13 pm in daily life,sewing by Meike

Oh hmm, and before I forget: my little girl turned two today ! 🙂

mmm, kijk!

Eating cake with big brother Olivier this afternoon.

hieperdepiep... hoera!

And opening her presents early this morning.

Happy birthday, Nynke! 🙂

P.S. I made Nynke’s crown using this tutorial: Juicy Bits: C is for Crown


Posted on februari 27th, 2009 @ 11:39 am in daily life by Meike

Phew, we’re back.

My site got hacked… again! I’ve got this weblog up and running again, thanks to my sweet husband. The rest of the site is still dysfunctional. Please let me know if you see anything weird that needs to be fixed!

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Posted on februari 16th, 2009 @ 2:14 pm in daily life,etsy,knitting by Meike

custom Hello! What are you all working on? Here at Crafty Sheep’s, things are relatively quiet. I’m keenly missing my son, who’s got Spring Break and is currently staying with his grandparents.  This means more working and knitting time for me, of course, but it’s a bittersweet feeling, you know what I mean? It is *too* quiet.

Anyway. I’m working on completing a custom order for three sets of doll underwear. 🙂 I usually don’t do customs, unless it’s for bunnies, but since I needed the incentive to finally get off my butt and fiddle up a one-piece underwear set anyhow, I accepted. I’m knitting this in fingering weight 100% silk yarn, unbelievably luxurious. Lucky dolls, eh?  It’s not the easiest yarn to work with, although switching to metal needles instead of wooden ones definitely did help. I’m hoping the end result will be all worth it. 😉

Also, we’re slowly gearing towards Spring here, another thing that I’ve got mixed feelings about. Because Spring means people will be outside more, which in our case means the dimwit neighbours, their dogs, lots of noise,  and lots of stench. Not something I’m looking forward too! But we’ve almost reached the final stages of bidding on the house we’ve had our eye on for quite a while now, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to bring that to a happy conclusion soon (maybe even this week?). Then, I’ll have something to look forward to at least! Wishing you all a happy Spring to look forward to!

Update – Update – Update:



Posted on februari 9th, 2009 @ 9:52 am in daily life,etsy,knitting by Meike

bunny face Bye, bun… Another one sold! That’s officially the last of the bigger buns that have been living here. I’m all out!

I should really get a move on and get some more done, but I have lost my knitting mojo, or so it seems. I had to frog no less than two projects yesterday! One of them the new onesie I’d been knitting Mima; something apparently went wrong when I did my provisional cast on, and I couldn’t get it to unravel properly to expose the live stitches. And secondly Mima’s trousers, which just had too many little mistakes in them. I guess one just shouldn’t knit when one’s head is full of snot… I hate setbacks like this. Here I was, close to finishing Mima’s wardrobe, and now I’ll have to start all over again. Bah. Ah well. At least her little fluffy cardigan is done!

On the upside: I did manage to bake a delicious bread from my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book! So not all was lost. 🙂

P.S. And I just noticed this is my 100th post on this blog. Yay!


Posted on februari 5th, 2009 @ 10:39 am in daily life,found by Meike

artisan-breadIt took some time, since for the first time ever, my Amazon shipment got lost and had to be resent, but it’s finally here: my copy of  “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day“. Yeah! I immediately started reading yesterday and I love it already. It just sounds so… simple! Then I came to chapter 3, Equipment. Wait a minute… I need a bread stone! And a pizza peel thing! Where on earth? This is why I love the internet. Found one! Right here: 3-2-1 It’ll be sent out today. I can’t wait! Now all I’ve got to find is an oven thermometer, some coarse salt and something that measures cups, and I’m all set! I think. 🙂

knitting for Mima

Posted on februari 3rd, 2009 @ 10:01 am in daily life,etsy,knitting,waldorf dolls by Meike

Mima's cardi I’m having so much fun knitting things for Mima! I think for me, Mima is the perfect size. She’s approximately 11″, which is big enough for things not to be too fiddly, and small enough for me to be able to make her things fairly quickly. 🙂

The last couple of days I’ve been busy making her a little cardi; the baby eyelet cardi (links to Ravelry). It’s a top-down seamless raglan cardigan, and I love it! I never used to mind seaming knitted garments or bunnies, but now that I’ve finally discovered the joys of going seamless, well… Let’s just say I’ll be avoiding seams from now on!

So this is what my days look like at the moment: I knit, I clean, I work. We’ve got a crazy number of house viewings lined up for this week, so I have to keep it all in tip-top shape around here – not an easy task with two small ones doing their very best to leave smudges everywhere, I tell you! They’re both out today, Olivier at school and Nynke at daycare, but I just cannot imagine what it’s going to be like tomorrow, when they’re at home together most of the time and I’ll have to sneak them out a couple of times, allowing people to take a look at our house. Our CLEAN, tidy house. Ahem. Wish me luck.