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At long last! I’ve finished a doll! Goodness gracious, I don’t even want to think about how long it took. It’s too embarrassing! Without further ado, may I present you…


Held here by my son, who only agreed to do it after I bribed him. Ungrateful little creature. πŸ˜‰

Anyhow! Handmade by me from top to toe, and now available in my Etsy store. More pictures can be found on Flickr!

getting back…

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DSC01057… into the swing of things, I hope!

In retrospect, I seem to have taken a little break from dollmaking. Not intentionally; it just happened.

Just now, as I was packing up Gwendolina, who’ll be off to her new home tomorrow, I felt a little flicker, though. A little spark. Something that said: there are many more dolls waiting to be made. Some of them are almost finished, even. Wouldn’t it be fun to… you know?

So… who knows! Now that my crafting for Saint Nicholas is done, I may pick up one of these half finished babies… Perhaps I can even get one into my shop in time for Christmas! Or would that be pushing it too far? Hm…

Anyhow. I need to answer some questions, too. Long overdue, I apologize!

Sophie: I never use the second vertical string like they do. They seem to have a different method, which I don’t completely understand either. I just use two strings: one horizontal, to make the eye line, and one vertical, to create the chin and cheeks. After stitching the two together at the ears, the horizontal one gets lowered to (almost) the neck, to create the back of the head.

Nan: I am sorry, but no, I don’t sell patterns. I usually make up my own or convert exisiting baby clothes pattern to doll size. Are you on Ravelry? I run a Waldorf Dolls group there, and we’ve managed to collect quite a few patterns. Which I still need to organize into a comprehensive list, but that’s another story. πŸ™‚


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Hi there! My apologies for the long(ish) absence… There wasn’t all that much to report hereabouts, apart from my BJD obsession, which is quickly getting out of hand!

I’ve now got TWO dolls on the way: my Felixdoll Brownie and a Lati Yellow Byurl Basic with premium face-up (sponsored partly by my darling parents, who didn’t mind me using my birthday money this way all that much… They must think me quite out of my mind, but hey, they’ve had 35 years to get used to the idea. πŸ™‚ ).Β  And then, there are two dolls on my wish list at the moment: the Lati Green grown-up Coco, with whom I fell in love the minute I saw her, and a Pocket Fairy. I’m not quite sure which of the PF I’m going to decide for in the end, but it’s a very close race between the Yoko and the Choco mold. And nope, I didn’t come up with those names! Now all I’ve got to do is somehow find the money… Do I hear you say Christmas? πŸ˜†

I’ve been ordering clothes for all these sweeties like mad too. I’m afraid to look too closely at my bank account right now. πŸ˜‰ My latest discovery: Boneka. A German company that has such wonderful doll clothes, it’s unbelievable!

In my defense, I’ve also started miniature knitting, so not ALL doll clothes will be bought from others… It took some practice getting used to my 1.5 mm needles, but I’m getting increasingly better at handling them! See:


Clickety-click for a bigger picture.

Yup, having fun!

Mima’s cardi

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Mima's second cardi

Hurray, Mima’s cardi is done! It’s always the buttons that take me longest… πŸ˜‰

I’ve also been working on her undies (you can just see them above her tunic’s neckline), and I’m almost done with her pants; just need to knit the gusset closed. Then it’s on to the booties (probably in the same colour as her cardigan), and after that: off to the shop!

I’ll keep you posted.

Lena’s dress

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Lena's dressI finally managed to finish Lena’s dress! Quite a feat, what with all this BJD madness going on. πŸ˜‰

I have to say, I am rather pleased with the result. I added quite a few more increases than the original pattern called for, and for a while I was afraid that it wouldn’t work out, that the skirt would end up too wide. But with the ruffled edge added, I think it is just right! It’s what I had in my head, anyway. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? πŸ™‚

the cardi question, follow up

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Mima's new cardi-to-beThank you for all your input! It seems the prevalent opinion was that Mima’s outfit didn’t need a cardi at all – or if she did, it would have to be one that isn’t as much off in colour and texture. I quite agree; that’s why I asked. I think a cardi in a different colour, and a different material,Β  will be a good addition to the outfit – we are gearing towards Autumn after all, and a girl does need something for those cooler days coming up. πŸ™‚ So! A new cardi, it is! I found a lovely dark pink cotton yarn in my yarn stash, which I’m trying out right now. If I like it, I may even decide to knit Mima a little hat and booties as well. In Summer, she’ll just throw off the extra layers, and voila. A doll for all seasons, eh?

In other yarn news: have you seen Rowan’s new Alpaca Cotton? It’s so, so… sumptuous! (Can one call yarn sumptuous? After bunny yarnfeeling this alpaca mix, I believe one has to!) Bunny knitting season is upon us, I can feel it in my bones…

With a big thank you to THE one and only bunny knitter, Julie, who posted about it first and made me whip out my purse immediately. πŸ™‚

with or without

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My dearest readers,

I’m having a bit of a problem. I’ve finally taken up my knitting needles again and have been working on Mima’s wardrobe a bit. Not a problem as such, but here it is: I don’t quite know what to think of the combination tunic-trousers-cardi. Don’t get me wrong; I love the cardi. I knitted it especially for Mima. But now that the trousers & tunic combination is almost ready, I’m having second thoughts. So – this is where you come in.

With the cardi:

with cardi?

Or without:

or without?

What do you think? First one to answer gets a felt strawberry (just kidding!) πŸ˜€


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Lena by day Eek! We’re almost there! In just over a week, we’ll be moving to our new home. Naturally, we’ve been extremely busy – but yesterday, I just had to get started on a doll. It had just been too long. πŸ™‚ Ever since buying a little-girl-and-doll pyjamas set from Hema, my favourite Dutch department store, I wanted to make Nynke a doll that could wear the matching doll pyjamas. This is the result; she’s called Lena (pronounced the Dutch way:Β  Lay-nah. More or less!).

I’m currently knitting her a little dress from this fabulous (and very simple) pattern:Β  Rainbow Dress.

Lena's dress to be

Only doll-sized, of course, as Lena is only 10 inches tall. And I’m thinking of also knitting her a little hat, to secure her hair until Nynke is a bit older.

That’s my update for now – more in a week or two, I hope!


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Mima's new tunic Thank you so much for all your kind words about my grandmother. She is at home now and seems to have rallied a bit. She can eat some small bits of soft food again, which seems to have bought her some time. Still, when my sister and me went to visit her last Saturday, it felt like saying goodbye for the last time, and it probably was. πŸ™

In other news: the weather’s been so gorgeous around here! Sunny with just enough wind not to make it feel too hot. We took the kids to sea this morning; the perfect little bike tour. I spent the rest of the day knitting in the garden. πŸ™‚ Mima’s tunic is done, and I’m also making great progress on her pair of Picky Pants.Β  If you ever feel the urge to knit a pair of longies / shorties / soakers for your little one, this is your pattern – I love it. No math, just very clear instructions and a great number of shaping and finishing options. And – on small size needles, using sock yarn – perfectly suitable for Waldorf dolls. Excellent!

And last but not least: tomorrow is the day we’ve been looking forward to for so long – we’ll get the key to our new house! Yay! So if I drop off the radar for a while these coming weeks, you’ll know where to find me. I’ll be painting, painting, painting, and o, did I say painting? πŸ™‚


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doll clothes Quite a lot going on here at the moment, good and bad.

On the one hand, we’re getting the key to our new house in just a few days, so exciting! But on the other hand, there’s the fact that my sweet grandmother is in hospital, and they’re not giving her much hope to live. πŸ™

It’s a bittersweet feeling. To keep sane, I knit. My hands cannot be idle. I’ll talk to you next week.