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Hi there! My apologies for the long(ish) absence… There wasn’t all that much to report hereabouts, apart from my BJD obsession, which is quickly getting out of hand!

I’ve now got TWO dolls on the way: my Felixdoll Brownie and a Lati Yellow Byurl Basic with premium face-up (sponsored partly by my darling parents, who didn’t mind me using my birthday money this way all that much… They must think me quite out of my mind, but hey, they’ve had 35 years to get used to the idea. 🙂 ).  And then, there are two dolls on my wish list at the moment: the Lati Green grown-up Coco, with whom I fell in love the minute I saw her, and a Pocket Fairy. I’m not quite sure which of the PF I’m going to decide for in the end, but it’s a very close race between the Yoko and the Choco mold. And nope, I didn’t come up with those names! Now all I’ve got to do is somehow find the money… Do I hear you say Christmas? 😆

I’ve been ordering clothes for all these sweeties like mad too. I’m afraid to look too closely at my bank account right now. 😉 My latest discovery: Boneka. A German company that has such wonderful doll clothes, it’s unbelievable!

In my defense, I’ve also started miniature knitting, so not ALL doll clothes will be bought from others… It took some practice getting used to my 1.5 mm needles, but I’m getting increasingly better at handling them! See:


Clickety-click for a bigger picture.

Yup, having fun!


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Felixdoll Brownie Momo Andrea Just to show that Waldorf *can* go together with plastic fantastic: this is the doll I’m currently waiting for. 😀 Sorry, rebellious mood today. But look at that sweetie! A Felix doll Brownie, Momo Andrea. She’s really tiny, only 11 cm (that’s 4.3 inches) tall, and I for one cannot wait till she gets here! I’ve already ordered her a new wig and a pair of teeny weenie shoes, and my fingers are itching to start knitting her little somethings. (The doll company’s website is here: Ajumapama USA, and they’ve got LOADS of these little cuties! There’s a European store as well, here: Ajumapama Europe.)

And to prove that I am now well and truly on the way to madness: I received a tiny little dress, pair of booties, coat & wig today for yet another doll, a doll that I haven’t even been able to order yet… That’s is the world of Asian ball jointed dolls for you. Most stores only open up their preorders a couple of times a year, and I am anxiously awaiting such an opening. The anticipation is killing me! At least, I now can start knitting little dresses, because I’ve got something to compare them to, size-wise. Wheee! Bring on the tiny knitting needles!

Outfit for Lati Yellow

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I will Lati Yellow Byurlnow stop looking at BJDs. I WILL. Because I have found my favourite. It’s not a Puki after all; it’s the Lati Yellow Byurl. Or the Lami. Perhaps. (Note to self: perfect wigs here.) Much to my chagrine, the company that makes them is not taking any preorders right now, so I’ll have to wait at least another month before being able to order one, perhaps even longer. And THEN it’ll take between 8-12 weeks for it her to get here! Ugh! A well-deserved lesson in patience, one might say. Go ahead, say it. I dare you.

Anyhow, I’ll stop speaking in riddles now. But before I do, will you look at the sweet girl?! Goodness. (I’ll just whisper very softly that I’ve already ordered the wig, and you’ll pretend you haven’t heard, okay?)

And now, I’ll really go back to my knitting. Or something. I seem to remember there’s a book I need to have finished editing by Monday, and well… *cough* Byeee.

(Picture courtesy of Nessadear.)


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O no. Why me? Why now? I’ve got a new obsession. My eyes are almost rectangular, I’ve been browsing the web so much. I even dreamt about it last night. O… dear.

It’s not Waldorf, not even close – it’s plastic and Asian, and I cannot help myself. I have just discovered the world of BJD. That’s ball jointed dolls. And I am completely in love with the Puki Puki dolls, extremely tiny dolls made by a company called Fairyland.

There are so many Flickr groups dedicated to these lovelies, there’s a group on Ravelry, and I just cannot stop! I’ll be adding pictures later on.

For now, I think I need to get away from the computer, to go knit something, something Waldorf-y, as a counterweight to all the plastic cuteness. I feel like a split personality now. 😉