Closing down for now

Posted on mei 16th, 2011 @ 10:48 am in daily life by Meike

Hi there. Thank you for visiting my weblog. As you can see, I haven’t updated in almost a year. I still love Waldorf-style dolls, but somehow haven’t been able to find the time to make them for a long, long time. I hope to get back to them again sometime in the future, but until that time, I won’t be writing any new posts. Furthermore, I’m closing down comments, because I’m getting a ridiculous amount of spam each day. If you’d like to contact me, you can still do so of course – the address is on my ‘About’ page (see the menu bar on the left for the link.) Thanks very much for all your sweet reactions over the years! I hope you’ll still enjoy my tutorials and links – and I hope to be back again some day!!

Happy dollmaking. 🙂


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Posted on januari 26th, 2010 @ 8:44 pm in daily life by Meike

My apologies for my absence – and more notably, the absence of this weblog! My site got hacked (again), and I had to have it closed down entirely for a while. I have fixed things to my ability, and I hope I’ll be able to continue without interruptions from now on… *fingers crossed*!


Posted on december 30th, 2009 @ 2:19 pm in daily life by Meike

Happy birthday sweet Olivier. 🙂

getting back…

Posted on december 7th, 2009 @ 2:06 pm in daily life,etsy,knitting,waldorf dolls by Meike

DSC01057… into the swing of things, I hope!

In retrospect, I seem to have taken a little break from dollmaking. Not intentionally; it just happened.

Just now, as I was packing up Gwendolina, who’ll be off to her new home tomorrow, I felt a little flicker, though. A little spark. Something that said: there are many more dolls waiting to be made. Some of them are almost finished, even. Wouldn’t it be fun to… you know?

So… who knows! Now that my crafting for Saint Nicholas is done, I may pick up one of these half finished babies… Perhaps I can even get one into my shop in time for Christmas! Or would that be pushing it too far? Hm…

Anyhow. I need to answer some questions, too. Long overdue, I apologize!

Sophie: I never use the second vertical string like they do. They seem to have a different method, which I don’t completely understand either. I just use two strings: one horizontal, to make the eye line, and one vertical, to create the chin and cheeks. After stitching the two together at the ears, the horizontal one gets lowered to (almost) the neck, to create the back of the head.

Nan: I am sorry, but no, I don’t sell patterns. I usually make up my own or convert exisiting baby clothes pattern to doll size. Are you on Ravelry? I run a Waldorf Dolls group there, and we’ve managed to collect quite a few patterns. Which I still need to organize into a comprehensive list, but that’s another story. 🙂

dolls & cake

Posted on oktober 20th, 2009 @ 4:10 pm in daily life,sewing,waldorf dolls by Meike

Is there anything better than dollmaking, homemade tarte tatin and tea?

on my table

I think not. 🙂


Posted on september 23rd, 2009 @ 5:25 pm in daily life,found,waldorf dolls by Meike

I feel the urge to complete things. Sound familiar? 😀 I don’t even know anymore how many times I’ve told myself “you need to finish what you’ve got lying around here!”. And now, now that there are two books on their way to my home, two new dollmaking books, it’s a more persistent urge than ever before. Because new books means new patterns means new ideas… And never enough time! Especially now that Pieter’s abroad, in the US, for business. It’s easier than I thought it would be, just me and the kids; we’ve settled into a routine very quickly (which isn’t to say that they don’t drive me mad regularly, because good heavens, they do), but still… When it’s 8 o’clock at night and the last chatter has finally died down, that leaves me with just two measly hours in which I can craft uninterrupted. I really think I should call this weblog ‘Craft, Interrupted’ sometimes…


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There. it’s not *quite* autumn yet, but it’s close enough to justify changing my nature table, as far as I’m concerned!

Also, It’s my 35th birthday today, and I’m feeling positively ancient…

Now off to bake a cake!


Posted on september 4th, 2009 @ 9:00 pm in BJD,daily life,found by Meike

I will Lati Yellow Byurlnow stop looking at BJDs. I WILL. Because I have found my favourite. It’s not a Puki after all; it’s the Lati Yellow Byurl. Or the Lami. Perhaps. (Note to self: perfect wigs here.) Much to my chagrine, the company that makes them is not taking any preorders right now, so I’ll have to wait at least another month before being able to order one, perhaps even longer. And THEN it’ll take between 8-12 weeks for it her to get here! Ugh! A well-deserved lesson in patience, one might say. Go ahead, say it. I dare you.

Anyhow, I’ll stop speaking in riddles now. But before I do, will you look at the sweet girl?! Goodness. (I’ll just whisper very softly that I’ve already ordered the wig, and you’ll pretend you haven’t heard, okay?)

And now, I’ll really go back to my knitting. Or something. I seem to remember there’s a book I need to have finished editing by Monday, and well… *cough* Byeee.

(Picture courtesy of Nessadear.)


Posted on augustus 9th, 2009 @ 9:42 pm in daily life by Meike

We’re there… We made it! Yay!

All my crafty stuff (well almost all, I managed to unpack exactly one box of yarn before deciding that I really need more storage place!) is still in boxes, and I’m having a helluva time deciding where to put it all… And all the while I am looking at what other folks are making and my fingers just itch to have a go at it too… I’m dying to make some new dolls, finish some knitting! BUT work comes first.

I can tell you though that I’ve got my own little room now to go crafty in. 😉 With a pull-down IKEA table to sew on… Yeah! No more sewing machine in the living room! Pictures soon, I promise, just as soon as everything’s unpacked and tidy.


Posted on juli 18th, 2009 @ 9:23 pm in daily life,knitting,waldorf dolls by Meike

Lena by day Eek! We’re almost there! In just over a week, we’ll be moving to our new home. Naturally, we’ve been extremely busy – but yesterday, I just had to get started on a doll. It had just been too long. 🙂 Ever since buying a little-girl-and-doll pyjamas set from Hema, my favourite Dutch department store, I wanted to make Nynke a doll that could wear the matching doll pyjamas. This is the result; she’s called Lena (pronounced the Dutch way:  Lay-nah. More or less!).

I’m currently knitting her a little dress from this fabulous (and very simple) pattern:  Rainbow Dress.

Lena's dress to be

Only doll-sized, of course, as Lena is only 10 inches tall. And I’m thinking of also knitting her a little hat, to secure her hair until Nynke is a bit older.

That’s my update for now – more in a week or two, I hope!